Symfony Live 2010 – day 1 #sflive2010

So far everything went great, well not great but ok, the periferique in paris was hell this morning, and we had a 5 hour drive from brussels to paris, thx to a train accident. But… most important… we got here.

We mist the first session on i18n but the second one on admin generator gave me som gr8 ideas on layout. After that, the Microsoft crew came on to stage, and pffff.. shitty presentation… just a promotion and selling of their Azure product. And I wasn’t impressed at all!!!

now lunch, simple but ok. and we’ll see what the next hours bring…

sessions are about to start…

well well well, that was an interesting session by Mr Bachelet. I regret it that he didn’t do the session in french, it would have been better!!! a bit of an overview of all handlers and helper, just isn’t enough I guess…

Questions are answered quite good…. He knows his stuff real good! take your time to present next time.

doctrine migrations was nice. interesting and in particular the question session with a very kind host, answering all questions asked. And believe me, there were a lot of questions :-)

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