Warning! This post is either deprecated or outdated.

A year ago we started working with the Jquery Library and we are very excited about the easy to use JavaScript library. A very easy and complete documentation can be found on the site and tons of plug-ins are being administered by the sublime creator John Resig and his team.

This post will be about the Jquery ui/datepicker v1.5.2. A nice full option datepicker that has tons of options which can be changed by the user.
Easy to use with tons of options:
•    clearText
•    clearStatus
•    mandatory
•    closeText
•    isRTL
•    onClose
•    navigationAsDateFormat
•    onSelect
•    and many more…
The great thing about options like ‘onSelect’ and ‘onClose’ is that functions can ridiculously easy be created after the user selected a day or period.
A big thumbs up goes to the easy to manage css in this datepicker, with additional options to change css on the fly when the datepicker is already loaded.
Very easy to use and great to manage.

It’s one of the visual controls you can find in the jQuery UI, and i recommend all Jquery users to use this above other idiot plugins who have multiple bugs in it. It’s cross-browser friendly and under permanent construction by the UI-Team.

Have fun with it, I like it a lot.

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