Photoshop actions

Warning! This post is either deprecated or outdated.

Everybody who uses Photoshop knows the advantage of using actions and since a long time I was creating my own actions when for example trying to resize a lot of images at once. An action is nothing more than a series of commands you play back on a file.  Off course you only use and create these actions when you really need them but today I discovered that a lot of sites share their actions with the world. They make it possible to create, in one click; a 3dbox, page curls, 3d-collage effect, old preachment view etc.

For an example of this nice work you can visit deviantart, they have a nice collection of actions. (and other Photoshop and Illustrator utilities)

When you’re not into these actions but interested in Photoshop, believe me, actions are a really cool and timesaving thing. Learn it.

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