The scenario is the following, when we arrive at the company we conclude that we don’t have internet. When trying to call the helpdesk of the Dommel (schedom-europe we get through a menu where we answer a few questions like the language we prefer and what we are calling for, support or administration. And then the waiting begins…

Thx to technology we get music instead of a ringing tone (we won’t judge them on the choice of music, Within Temptation, that is personal choice) but after 3 songs you just get bored of the nagging tone the gothic singer makes. You just get depressed of hearing the fury sing. Now it isn’t really the problem, to hear it for 1 or maybe even 2 songs, the real issue is that we started calling around 9 o’clock, and that has been 1 hour and 30 minutes ago. Why 9 o’clock, their helpdesk is only open on working hours which is 9h to 17h, the lame bustards, but ok, that’s a thing I can live with.

This is getting on our nerves.

The nicest thing is that after 30 minutes the phone disconnects automatically because it says: ‘the number you are trying to call doesn’t respond, maybe you can try again later’. Like I don’t know that and it would be a great idea, if we wouldn’t need internet for example. The bitch of Within Temptation is really getting on my nerves now, I might send here a mail later this day (when internet is back) to convince her to write a phone song less frustrating. To be sure we check all our bills, but they seem to be paid on time. Fuck Dommel, our company is without internet for hours now, and we need answers real soon. And my cell phone is losing battery life as we are trying to call them. So we can ask ourselves: ‘why is it that they don’t answer the phone?’

Maybe they have better things to do like drinking coffee, have a beer and some chips, but that is something that I really doubt, it’s impossible that they are that unprofessional. What can be true is that there aren’t any personnel to answer the phone, but then again, is that a lack of professionalism?

It is now 11 o’clock; I’m officially trying to call someone for 2 hours now and Within Temptation is still screaming about her dead cat or something. This is going too far, a waiting time of 2 hours, I’m glad my boss is paying the bill for my telephone. It’s becoming a corrupt scandal…

Or a financial scandal, also possible with the financial problems we are all facing; maybe they were rolling on stocks of the Lehman Brothers. My colleagues are getting itchy and annoyed by the beautiful melody my speaker makes. 11:15 now, I m done with it, my colleague is in charge of the within temptation phone now. Maybe he is luckier…

My conclusion after 2 hours is that there is no one over there to pick up the phone. They are constantly working with a lack of professionalism and don’t give the needed support or in our case none at all. Maybe it‘s better to send a nice mail to customer-care company Test Aankoop.

It is now 11h36 and we got in contact with Dommel, not the support but the administration. There was no problem, the bills were paid correctly as it should be, their automatic system didn’t do the update correctly and so we had no internet. At the end of the conversation I asked how it comes that nobody answers the phone on support and they answered: it can be quite busy sometimes, you better wait an hour and try again later. That isn’t really a good idea when it’s about activating your internet. We can conclude that they are very fast in the marketing section and administration section when it comes to paying and customers. With that kind of spirit I don’t think they are going to last very long on the market. I m one hugely disappointed customer of Dommel and recommend everyone to get another one.

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