Sumo Paint

Warning! This post is either deprecated or outdated.

A few weeks ago I read an article on the web about the website SumoPaint, an online flash based paint utility. The first launch was in June this year and since then they evolved to version 0.60 (still in beta release) by adding tons off features and utilities. The Finish creators of this tool, in my opinion, obviously used Photoshop as a base to create the layout and feeling of their tool. I don’t think that Adobe was very happy when they laid eyes on this nice utility for the first time.

The thing I like to use this utility for, is when I’m using a computer without Photoshop installed, you simply surf to their website and you can do almost every change and effect like in the original version. For the real, more memory-using stuff I prefer the normal version, it’s a lot quicker and still a bit more user friendly.

But after using it a few times, the only thing we can conclude is that the guys of Snap Group Ltd. are doing a great job. Lets hope there will be other updates but as they are still in an early stage of development we can assume that they will stun us in the future.

Try it yourselve and folow them up, I’m allready convinced that they will create a cool online tool from this.

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