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We reviewed our menu structure a little bit and came up with the idea to add events. Of course these events will only be mentioned when they are interesting for us or the readers.

As a starter we would like to give FOSDEM a shot, a Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting. This event will take place on the 7th and 8th of February and will be hosted in the buildings of the ULB (VUB) in Brussels.

Tons of speakers and companies will be present and I personally think that this is a very interesting weekend. So if you have time free, go and visit it.

These speakers will be there and are the most interesting for me:

  • Mozilla: on the future of mozilla and community and design
  • devroom: on java development and how to create your own extensions
  • MySQL: on how to provide additional redundancy and fault-tolerance and a lot more.
  • Google summer of code: on A Behind the Scenes Look at Large Scale Community Management

So go take a look, I guess it will be a very interesting weekend

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