Green programming – contribution to the environment

Everybody seems to be talking about a green and environment-friendly job. Well I wondered how we, as IT guys can contribute to this phenomenon and came up with these answers (after a bit of research).
In our workspace we can do these things:

  • Write correct and OO code, to save seconds of processing time
    If you save 3 seconds in a code and this gets executed 1000 times a day for 1 month (30 days) you’ll get a total time of 3*1000*30 = 90000 seconds = 1,1 day per month of execution time saved.
    That’s a huge difference isn’t it? And that’s only what 3 seconds does….
  • Don’t print out everything but use digital copies. Share books, instead of buying two or more copies.
  • Use servers that are hosted in green data centers (more info)
  • Live close to your work and use public transport (if possible), ride a bike or walk.
  • Be sure to shut down air-conditioning and heating at night.
  • Switch off you system and monitors.
  • And the best one: try to work as less as possible.
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