Interesting web developer tutorials and apps

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Microsoft SuperViewer

Microsoft recently released a small piece of software on which a web developer can test his application in different browsers. Try it; it might come in rather handy as this will maybe become one of the futures most used debug tools… We don’t know if this will become a success because the initial release has not been confirmed yet, follow this up…

superviewer by Microsoft

Javascript and the DOM

Frameworks like jQuery and Prototype speed up development and make it a lot easier to write readable and great JavaScript code, but before starting with those libraries it might be intelligent to study to underlying technologies first. I found a great tutorial in 2 parts on JavaScript and the DOM. Read it and you will understand everything you ever wanted to know. Yeah right :-) Just read it !!!

Javascript and the DOM: Lesson 1
Javascript and the DOM: Lesson 2

10 applications for web developers

Ever wondered what applications there are for web developers? Well here is a nice top 10 of interesting and handy applications.

10 applications for webdevelopers

Off course this list isn’t complete as I would like to add my own 2 favorite applications:

The universal freeware editor, useful for people who:
• work with plain text – the editor has a wealth of formatting functions, including a spell checker
• create web pages – as a web authoring editor, PSPad contains many unique tools that save your time
• want to use a good IDE for their compiler – PSPad catches and parses compiler output, integrates external help files, compares versions and much more…

Eclipse is a multi-language software development platform comprising an IDE and a plug-in system to extend it. It is written primarily in Java and is used to develop applications in this language and, by means of the various plug-ins, in other languages as well—C/C++, Cobol, Python, Perl, PHP and more

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