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You must be wondering why I am telling you this:
Well actually, he doesn’t know it yet, but in the near future he will be writing on this blog too, sharing his experience and knowledge with u guys.

Anyhow, in the meantime I read a most interesting study about the connectivity for almost every country in the world.
The study is done by Professor Leonard Waverman, London Business School, and economic consulting firm LECG so this is a reliable source.

Belgium’s low 3G penetration amongst consumers is accompanied by a below average rate of broadband penetration.  Broadband speeds and infrastructure also lag behind many of their European counterparts, as does internet usage in general.  This is in contrast to high levels of consumer spending on software.

What universities and companies in Belgium say for years, has now again been confirmed by this study.
Let’s hope that for all the effort and investments companies and consumers do each day, government and network distributors now start acting more professional and leave super profits out of their strategy.
If we want to keep up with the big players in Europe, this has to be done in the near future.

The country is at best a middling performer in terms of production of science and engineering degrees, at both the first degree and doctoral levels. However, the share of ICT investment in total investment appears to be higher in Belgium than in most of the rest of Europe, excluding the UK and the Nordic region.

I guess the Belgian government has no choice and has to act right now as we are a nation with knowledge as only export product.
We are an average country, but we need to be outstanding in this field as we are with Robert Cailliau one of the pioneers of the internet.

Let’s hope that important investments are done, and our tax money doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, whoever they might belong to…

If you want to see how your country is scoring you can take a look at the study here

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