Interview: Jean-Baptiste Jung

You can never get enough interviews, at least if they are a bit interesting…
This time we got an interview with Mr Jean-Baptiste Jung, a very friendly and ambitious guy with little spare time as he mentioned in his interview.

My name is Jean-Baptiste Jung (Pronounce: Young) and I’m a 27 years old blogger, web developer and web designer from the French-speaking part of Belgium.
I started blogging in 2006 by writing a blog in French about the Python programming language. I quickly dropped this blog and created a new one, to discuss a lot of nice things about the Internet: Web development, Web design, blogging, WordPress and much more. After this successful experience, I decided to create a similar blog, but in English. This is how, in June 2008, I created Cats Who Code.
I’m also an author on several popular blogs as such as WpHacks, ProBlogDesign and Smashing Magazine where I provide various tutorials, how-tos and lists, mostly about WordPress. I have released some WordPress themes as well, the most popular is called OpenBook and the most recent NYC Theme. Apart from blogging, I work as a web developer in a French company and have a lovely wife and a very cute cat.

What projects are you currently working on?
Lots! I’m making big changes to with a new design and lots of new featur

es. I’m working on to improve the blog even more. And at last, I’m on the point to publish my first blog which is not about web dev things!


What technologies will become important in your line of work in the near future?
I don’t have any particular technologies in mind, but I wish I have more spare time so I could learn programming for new devices as such as iPhone or Android. That seems so interesting.

What do you think, is the success of your blog? What would you like to do different if you could start over?
Well, I will not call any of my blog “successful”. They’re not ignored, that’s a sure thing, but they’re far from being at the level of successful blogs as such as!
I regret lots of bad or poor articles I wrote on CatsWhoCode. If I started with better posts as such as the ones I write now. CWC will be a lot more popular now.

How did you get the knowledge you master today? Where there seminars, lessons, people, self education or other ways important to become who you are today?
I attended web dev training in France some years ago, and I have learned most of my knowledge myself. I’m so proud of that.
People should realize that if they want, they can. They don’t need a teacher or anything. You want to be a good developer? Search, Learn, Work…and you’ll be good.

Do your blogs, CatsWhoCode and, ask a lot of time? How do you handle that workload?
I have sold 7 or 8 months ago, but yes my blogs takes lot of time. You see, it is 11PM and I’m answering your interview :)
I have no problem handling the workload because I like what I do. It’s not a job; it is a hobby, something I do with passion.

What environment do you work on and what applications are important to you?
I mostly work on Macs but I use Linux and Windows (Although I don’t really like it) too. My favorite editors are Vi – because you can find it everywhere – and TextMate because it is powerful and load quickly. I also enjoy Photoshop a lot, but that’s another story 😉

If you could start over again from the moment you left high school, what would you do different?
Definitely, I’d launch Premium WordPress themes the first before Darren Hoyt and Brian Gardner. I would be quite rich by now 😉

Do you have any special hobbies or interests?
Beside blogging and web dev related things, I love travelling, especially to New York City. I’m addicted to that city. Another thing I love are animals. I love doing all I can do to help the Animal Rights cause.

What are your plans for 2010 or the future in general?
Continue to work on my blogs, do my best and maybe, make them successful.

Quick answers, just answer in maximum 5 words when you read these words:

1.** Belgium **love that country.

  1. **Apple **The best computers!
  2. **Twitter **Follow @catswhocode 😉
  3. ** Cats **Meow! I just love them.
  4. ** WordPress **My favorite tool to build websites.
  5. **Framework **Use lots of them!
  6. **Global Warming **A tragedy for humans, animals and nature.
  7. Programming One of my biggest passions.
  8. ** Internet **10 years I can’t live without!

Thx a lot Mr Jung, we wish you all the best in the future, and tons of success

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